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Lighting Designer Cumbria, North West
Glasgow & Manchester • Director of Photography • Moving Light Programmer

Lighting and Image Production for us are a passion, not just a job.

The Light Direction Ltd. is a company based in Cumbria. We offer an eye for detail, a desire to produce the best, a creative flair and above all, a large number of highly delighted clients.

With a background working for BBC Television, we offer you a wealth of experience and creativity that is second to none.

Many years spent in broadcasting as well as live events, theatre and commercial video production for websites Cumbria and the North West.

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"Working with Adrian has been a real eye opener and his wealth of experience [...] has helped us create something to thrill fans and hopefully bring in new audiences."

Alisdair McLaren
Producer / Musical Director for
National Youth Pipe Band of Scotland
"It was a pleasure to work with Adrian on [the Glen Grant] commercial drama. He is a very experienced DoP. I learned a lot from him and look forward to working with him again in the future."

"You are quite the wizard behind the lens. Couldn't have done it without you."
Anna McPherson
Producer / Director, Recite Films

The Light Direction Ltd. also known as ATLD or Adrian's The Light Direction is based in the North West of England covering Manchester, Lancaster, Liverpool, Carlisle, Glasgow and The Lake District Cumbria. We provide services to the television, film and theatre business as a lighting designer, director of photography, video designer, moving light programmer and as a broadcast vision engineer. Adrian has extensive experience in all these areas taken from many years working in television and theatre both for the BBC and for many independent companies.

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Television and film making requires its own special and peculiar knowledge and understanding, not just of lighting but of the whole production process from collaberating with the production team through to the technical side of the production including in depth knowledge of how the cameras function and are set up and operated and how the pictures will be used and edited into the final programme or video. The resultant pictures made in either a TV studio or on a location shoot or outside broadcast depend as much on the cameras as on the lighting. Adrian has worked on studio productions and on outside broadcasts and location events all over the UK and worldwide across the globe too. A lighting director or director of photography can pull all of these elements together to ultimately deliver a high quality end product. These two roles are subtley different although both ultimately design and control the lighting of the production. A DoP generally has more say and control over the actual photography as well as the lighting and is a role more commonly associated with film production. A lighting cameraman will deal with both lighting and camerawork when the lighting is less complex.

Live concert lighting and lighting for live events sometimes require a different skill set and approach and can also be tied in with a production for television that requires understanding of both the live environment and audience as well as the television audience and cameras. A lot of the lighting design for live events as well as for tv now tends to have a large element of video design and content and the two, if well orchestrated and planned, merge together as one visual element.
Production of 'Legacy' by the National Youth Pipe Band of Scotland at the Old Fruit Market Glasgow, lighting design by Adrian Turpin

Lighting for functions Glasgow, Manchester and Lancaster based events is another area where ATLD has many times provided a solution that might not always be possible without our extensive experience and range of contacts within the entertainment business. Whether it is a corporate event, a live music event or a large scale private function, we can tie in both lighting and video and set design and even provide additional props and set dressing or special effects that will give your corporate event or private function a unique and highly satisfying end result.

Media servers allow the integration of video material in with the lighting design. This can be anything from abstract moving images to specific imagery that becomes an extension of the performance or event. The Catalyst and the Hippotiser are two of the most common systems in use althought there are now many other alternives.

Adrian was originally a Strand Galaxy 3 operator at the BBC studios in Glasgow prior to the arrival of intelligent or 'moving lights' on the scene in 1993. Having used the Strand Gemini and then the MA ScanCommander to control the new generation of lighting fixtures, he became a specialised Whole Hog 2 operator, programmer and designer in 1998. The Hog II quickly became an industry standard for moving lights and later for LED fixtures and Catalyst or media server control and programming. It is still in use today and is still specified as the desk of choice for many people. Adrian contributed to the beta testing of the successor to the Hog 2, the Whole Hog 3 in the autumn and winter of 2002. The Hog III has now been around for quite some time and its new successor the Hog 4 is now in production. Lighting Design has always been a passion as well as a job and has occupied much of Adrian's career.

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