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With many years experience working in the theatre, BBC television and for a variety of other independent facilities and production companies, we offer lighting design and other associated technical services to the broadcast and live entertainment markets bringing creativity and experience to your project.

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graphical element
lighting design by Adrian Turpin

Media Servers used within a Lighting Design

The Catalyst Media Server allows video imagery to become an integral part of the lighting design for a show, whether it be projected onto a screen or onto parts of a set or floor. The Hippotiser is another alternative system that works in a very similar way.

Adrian has been using Catalyst for many years now and is an experienced programmer. We design and produce our own graphics and video material as well as incorporating generic material. Bands such as El Presidente, Kubb and Athlete have performed in front of our custom multi-layered imagery. This has proven very successful and has been popular with production teams and performers alike.

catalyst projection system, still frame from athlete song 24 hours backing video catalyst projection system, still frame from kubb song wicked soul backing video catalyst projection system, still frame from el presidente song rocket
Athlete - '24 Hours' featuring a countdown clock and timelapse moon and sun that ran for the duration. Kubb - 'Wicked Soul'.
This frame from a flash frame sequence for the drum riffs.
El Presidente - 'Rocket'.
From the countdown sequence.

Runrig employed our design and programming services for their 'Road Trip 2008' tour of Europe including a big show at Edinburgh Castle. The National Youth Pipe Band of Scotland are the latest performers to come to us to design the visual elements of their shows, 'Illumination' and 'Legacy'.

Lighting Design for Live Events & Concerts

ATLD provides lighting and video design and programming services for live concerts and events.

NYPBoS Illumination Show at the Old Fruit Market Glasgow still frame from runrig song atoms backing video still frame from runrig song year of the flood backing video still frame from runrig song accordions backing video NYPBoS Illumination Show at the Old Fruit Market Glasgow

These images are from the National Youth Pipe Band of Scotland's 'Illumination' show and also video imagery designed for Runrig's 'Road Trip 2008' Tour. They were run on a Catalyst Media Server controlled from a WholeHog lighting desk. The video design and colours were carefully integrated into the lighting design to create the overall look.

Lighting Design for Functions:

Whatever the nature and scale of your function, corporate event or private party, we can provide design and consultancy services as well as supply, rig and operate the lighting and other associated effects. We are quite happy to spend time with you, talking about your requirements and how we can help to achieve your vision, allowing you to marry together all the design aspects from colour schemes to table decorations, video imagery, set dressing and special effects.

gobo projection and battery table light
table top battery powered fairy lights
gobo projection and candle light
gobo projection and star cloth
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