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Freelance Commercial Photographer
Kendal, Lake District serving Cumbria and the North West

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We have extensive experience with all of the following types of shoot. If you require work in any of these areas then call us today:

• Fashion
• Advertising
• Product
• Food and Drink
• Hotel
• Restaurant
• Interior
• Location
• Hair and Beauty
• Website
• Print

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commercial photography lake district by Adrian Turpin

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Adrian Turpin Commercial Photographer Kendal

Adrian is an outstanding professional freelance commercial photographer Lake District Cumbria based. We cover Lancaster, Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow and the North West.

We create strong, memorable images that you really want. We talk to you and find out what you actually need - content, colour, style - how and where the images are going to be used and what you hope to achieve with them.

Backed by a wealth of experience of both creative lighting and the technical aspects of high quality picture production, we produce only the best.

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Lighting and Image Creation

Understanding the difference between simply capturing an image of something that is already there using the natural or available light, and actually creating an image whereby every element in the frame is carefully controlled in terms of placement, colour, composition and most crucially lighting is the key to successful commercial photography.

We specialise very much in the latter, creating images that you will be absolutely delighted with, proud of, and that will work hard and successfully to promote your company, service or product. Images that will show your company off in a positive and professional light. Adrian's background is in television, theatre, film, broadcast, studio & location production lighting design which lends itself perfectly to many different styles of image production and sets us well apart from the vast majority of other photographers.

We control light and shade in the frame, adding sunlight, moonlight or candlelight as the subject matter requires. We control colour, flesh tones and the overall balance of the objects within the frame. We take light away where it is not required. This is a specialised craft and our clients really appreciate the extra glitz and sheen that our images have.

commercial location photographers cumbria photo shoot by Adrian Turpin
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Location / Studio

We are able to shoot any kind of commercial location or studio work for you. Depending on the subject matter and the nature of your requirements the studio can sometimes be a better option and sometimes a location shoot is either necessary or preferable. Food and drink is often best shot at the location whether it be a restaurant, commercial kitchen or other culinary outlet. Products are often best shot in the studio where there is a greater degree of control. Fashion can sometimes be studio based and sometimes require a certain backdrop which by its nature needs to be a location. Location work includes both interior as well as exterior work.

Please contact us for a CD of portfolio images or have a look at our picture galleries and our client list and testimonials. When viewing our picture galleries, please bear in mind that virtually all the images you will see are 'lit'. That means they do not just rely on natural or available light. They are all lit as they would be for film or television to vastly enhance and control the subject matter.

commercial interior photographer lake district photo shoot by Adrian Turpin

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We aim to provide a reasonably and competitively priced service that is affordable and offers value for money. We want you to be delighted with the images we supply and the service that you receive.

Please contact us for a copy of our commercial guide and a copy of our portfolio disc too if you wish. We will come and talk to you, show you some sample images, understand your requirements and there is absolutely no obligation for that.

commercial food photographers lancaster by Adrian Turpin
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Other Services:

For clients requiring photographic images for use on the web, we can process and optimise images for the web so that they can be directly uploaded without any further processing.

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Further Information about ATLD Photographic:

Adrian Turpin is a highly successful, motivated and creative freelance commercial photographer based in Cumbria and working across Lancaster, Manchester, Liverpool and the North West of England including the Lake District, Glasgow and Scotland.

Adrian has extensive experience of high quality picture production and lighting techniques taken from many years working in tv, film and theatre. Because of our unrivalled experience and knowledge in this field, we can offer an unparalleled service across the field of commercial photography and we are able to offer production and direction input to your shoot. We are also able to source a variety of props and set dressing as well as make-up services and other associated requirements.

A commercial shoot can be a big undertaking. There are a great many things that need to be thought about. We can advise, help and guide you through this process and create the images that you have in mind.

We welcome your enquiry and the opportunity to discuss your project and requirements with you. There is no obligation at all and we would be delighted to come and chat to you, show you some of our pictures and listen to your ideas. Enquiries from fashion models and agencies whether it be for fashion shoots, model portfolios, actors head shots or advertising agencies are equally welcome.
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