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Kendal, Lake District serving Cumbria and the North West

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Adrian Turpin Fashion Photographer Kendal

Adrian is an outstanding professional fashion photographer Lake District Cumbria based. We cover Lancaster, Manchester, Liverpool and the North West.

We create strong, memorable images that you really want. We talk to you and find out what you actually need - content, colour, style - how and where the images are going to be used and what you hope to achieve with them.

Backed by a wealth of experience of both creative lighting and the technical aspects of high quality picture production, we produce only the best.

Fashion photography goes back many years and has grown and evolved over time to reflect buying trends and the general public's interest in clothing, style and looks. Much of this fascination is based on imagery seen in magazines and on-line coupled with a strong connection to the styles and designer labels worn by many celebrities and public figures. Strong images shot in esthetically pleasing locations using models that the buying public can relate to are used on the high street, in shop windows as well as in catalogues and on websites, and when shot with the right combination of lighting, hair and makeup depict the latest trends and show the clothes off to their very best.

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Lighting and Image Creation

Understanding the difference between simply capturing an image of something that is already there using the natural or available light, and actually creating an image whereby every element in the frame is carefully controlled in terms of placement, colour, composition and most crucially lighting is the key to successful fashion photography.

Adrian specialises in this process, creating images that you will be absolutely delighted with, proud of, and that will work hard and successfully to promote your brand and the clothes and other accessories that you are promoting to sell. Images that will show your products and company image off in a positive and professional light. Adrian's background is in television, theatre, film, broadcast, studio & location production lighting design which lends itself perfectly to many different styles of image production and sets us well apart in what is a highly specialist field.

We control light and shade in the frame along with colour, flesh tones and the overall balance of foreground and background. We take light away where it is not required. This is a craft that relies heavily on experience and our clients really appreciate the extra glitz and sheen that our images have.

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We aim to provide a reasonably and competitively priced service that is affordable and offers value for money. We want you to be delighted with the images we supply and the service that you receive.

Please contact us for a copy of our commercial guide. We will come and talk to you, show you some sample images, understand your requirements and there is absolutely no obligation.

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